The 10 most beautiful beaches on the Croatian coast you cannot miss

plus belles plages de la côte croate à ne pas manquer

Discover the hidden gems of Croatia: Our 10 most beautiful beaches on the Croatian coast you cannot miss!

Croatia is full of natural treasures and among them are breathtakingly beautiful beaches. From stretches of fine sand to secret coves, picturesque bays and crystal clear lagoons, the diversity of Croatian coastal landscapes is truly breathtaking.

So, whether you’re looking for relaxation, aquatic adventure or breathtaking panoramas, this article will guide you through a selection of the most emblematic beaches of the Croatian coast. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable seaside journey to discover these true coastal paradises.

Sveti Ivan’s secret beach

Sveti Ivan

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Discover Sveti Ivan Beach, a hidden gem along the Croatian coast. Located near the village of Lubenice on the island of Cres, this breathtaking beach will leave you speechless. To access it, you have two options. : a 50-minute scenic hike from Lubenice through nature or a water taxi from Cres or Valun. Whichever you choose, once you arrive you will be captivated by this heavenly cove, with its white pebbles and crystal clear blue-green water.

Sveti Ivan beach offers you a unique experience surrounded by nature. Surrounded by a verdant pine forest, it has some shady spots to relax away from the sun. However, keep in mind that there are no shops nearby, so remember to bring something to eat and drink. Thus, this beach on the Croatian coast promises you an unforgettable experience.

Refreshing break at Bačvice beach in Split

Bacvice beach in Croatia


If you go to the Croatian coast, do not miss to discover the beach of Bačvice, one of the most beautiful in the region. It is easily accessible, since it is just 15 minutes walk from the historic center of Split. This small urban beach indeed offers an idyllic setting for a day of relaxation. In addition, you will find on site all the necessary equipment, as well as bars and restaurants to spend a pleasant day.

Along the beach, a shady path invites you to stroll along the water’s edge, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere that reigns here. Indeed, Bačvice is the place iideal for those who wish to enjoy a beach close to the city center while enjoying beautiful scenery and convenient services. With its fine sand and shallow waters, Bačvice is a real paradise for beach lovers.

Lively life around Zrće Beach

Restaurant on the beach in Zrce

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Zrće Beach, located just 3 km from the center of Novalja on the island of Pag, is a real gem of the Croatian coast. With its fine sand and crystal clear waters, this pebble beach offers an idyllic setting for relaxing in the sun. However, what really makes it special is the lively atmosphere that reigns in the bay, with its bars and nightclubs that never close. So whether you’re looking to bask in the sun or have a wild night out, Zrće Beach has everything you need.

In addition to its festive atmosphere, Zrće Beach offers breathtaking views of the rock formations of Kozje Berdo, adding a touch of natural beauty to this coastal landscape. Then discover the charms of theisland of Pag, renowned for its culture and heritage. So, whether you are a fan of idleness, water sports or simply in search of a picturesque landscape, the beach of Zrće is therefore perfect for a stay on the Croatian coast.

The serene beauty of Stiniva Beach

Stinivia Beach


To discover the jewels of the Croatian coast, do not miss the beach of Stiniva, a charming picturesque cove nestled on the island of Vis. To get there, a 30 min walk on a steep path will be needed. However, once at your destination, you will be rewarded with stunning scenery! Also, the cliffs surrounding the beach provide welcome shade. As a bonus, a snack bar is located there to satisfy your gourmet desires.

The famous Zlatni Rat beach

Zlatni Rat Beach

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Discover the beauty of Zlatni Rat Beach, the most famous on the Croatian coast. Its distinctive pointed shape will seduce you at first sight. you will find it just 2 km from the charming town of Bolon the island of Brac.

So whether you are water sports enthusiast or looking for a quiet getaway, Zlatni Rat has everything you need. Indeed, windsurfers love this place which offers ideal conditions. However, for those who prefer to relax, there are plenty of bars, restaurants and inflatable water play rentals along the beach. Finally, if you are looking for a cultural touch, be sure to visit the ruins of a Roman villa and its period swimming pool.

A haven of peace at Lokrum beach

Lokrum Beach

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On the island of Lokrum, off Dubrovnik, there is a heavenly beach that will dazzle you. Sure enough, the sculpted rocks frame turquoise waters of crystal clear beauty, creating a breathtaking sight. These shallow waters invite diving, where you can observe many colorful fish.

But that’s not all ! Deckchairs in the shade of the nearby pine forest await you for a moment of pure relaxation. And to add an extra touch of charm, you can spot peacocks roaming freewho stroll gracefully on the beach.

The turquoise waters of Cape Kamenjak

Cape Kamenjak Beach

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Then discover Cape Kamenjak, a peaceful nature reserve located just 40 minutes by car from the city of Pula and 20 minutes from Premantura. The beaches here are renowned for their clear waters and cliffs that invite high-flying dives. Plus, you’ll be happy to know that entrance to the park is free for pedestrians and bicycles, but parking costs around 10 euros.

Also, at Cape Kamenjak you will have the possibility of diving, including in caves dug into the cliff. Whether you are looking for moments of tranquility, exciting water sports or breathtaking landscapes, the beaches of the Croatian coast will offer you moments of absolute happiness and escape.

The preserved beach of Pasjaca

Pasjaca beach

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Discover Pasjaca, a true hidden treasure nestled just an hour’s drive from Dubrovnik. This secluded beach reveals its unique beauty to those willing to take a scenic path carved into the rock. It thus offers a breathtaking view of the crystal clear sea and the fine sand of the beach. No matter your level, the path is safe and accessible to all to access this heavenly place.

Located in a spectacular setting, Pasjaca Beach is small but offers an unforgettable experience on the Croatian coast. To take full advantage of this secret place, early arrival is recommended, because shaded areas are rare. A quiet getaway away from the crowds, this unspoiled beach is a true haven of peace.

Absolute relaxation on Nugal beach

Nugal Beach

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Nestled just 5 minutes by car from the charming town of Makarska, this pebble beach will offer you a unique moment. Follow a path, where you will enjoy a magical panorama of the ocean to reach this isolated place. Once you arrive, you will be surrounded by majestic cliffs and verdant forests. A small barrier carefully separates the nudist beach, creating a space of tranquility. A part reserved for swimming is also delimited by buoys, allowing you to enjoy the water safely.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that there are no shops on the beach, so it is recommended to bring your own meals and drinks. However, sometimes a fruit vendor stops by boat, adding a touch of freshness to your outing. In addition, spaces provided for picnics have been set up in the shade of a small pine forest.

Water sports in Kraljičina Plaža

Kraljičina Plaza

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Kraljičina Plaža, a long beach near the town of Nin, is a real paradise for families with children. Indeed, the shallow waters create an ideal place for the little ones, allowing parents to relax in peace. In addition, you can enjoy the sun and the sea in complete serenity thanks to the parasol rental companies available on the beach.

For water sports enthusiasts, Kraljičina Plaža also offers the rental of kitesurfs and canoes, thus providing an exciting and refreshing experience. Also, the proximity of a small river allows children to wade in the fresh water, adding a touch of diversity to this already magnificent beach. Kraljičina Plaža is therefore a must for anyone looking for an unforgettable seaside experience on the Croatian coast.

So, ready to discover the 10 most beautiful beaches on the Croatian coast? This article has revealed to you the diversity and beauty of Croatia’s shores, offering unforgettable seaside experiences. Now it’s up to you to share your favorite beach suggestions in the comment section. Which Croatian beach appeals to you the most?

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