SPOILERS, Theo is ready to leave everything to realize his dream!

"Ici tout commence" : Théo prêt à tout quitter pour réaliser son rêve (SPOILERS)

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“Here it all begins”, the successful TF1 soap opera, could soon lose one of its emblematic characters. Théo Teyssier, the son of the formidable pastry chef Emmanuel Teyssier, has indeed announced quite shocking news to his girlfriend Anaïs.

He wanted to travel the world for a year to discover other culinary cultures. But what does this decision mean for his future on the show? Here’s what we know.

Théo, a chef from “Here everything begins” in search of inspiration

Théo Teyssier (played by Khaled Alouach) has been one of the main characters in “Here it all begins” since the first episode. He is the chef of Double A, the restaurant of the Institut Auguste Armand, where he was trained in gastronomy. Passionate and talented, he has established himself as a leader and mentor for the students of the school.

He is also the eldest son of Emmanuel Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche), the director of the institute and an authoritarian pastry chef. Théo, a chef in “Here everything begins” has a conflictual relationship with his father. He accuses of having abandoned him for the benefit of his career. He is also the brother of Charlène Teyssier (Pola Petrenko), a rebellious and manipulative student.

For some time, Theo has been going through an existential crisis. He feels cramped in his role as head of Double A in “Here everything begins”. The chef lacks inspiration to create new dishes. He questions his stay at “Here everything begins”.

He wonders if he hasn’t considered what the institute could bring him. The leader of “Here everything begins” also feels frustrated by his relationship with Anaïs (Julie Sassoust). She is a brilliant and ambitious student, who does not share her desire to escape. Théo dreams of travelling, of discovering other horizons and other flavours.

An unexpected departure

In episode 722 of the soap opera Here it all begins, broadcast this Thursday August 3, 2023 on TF1, Théo surprised everyone. Indeed, he announced to Anaïs that he had made a radical decision. He wants to leave the institute to travel around the world for almost a year. His goal ? Learn about other culinary practices and thus stimulate your imagination.

Théo wants his trip to be shared with Anaïs, his girlfriend. He therefore offers to accompany him on his adventure. Anaïs, surprised, welcomes this idea with joy. Will it be the same in the next episodes? Will she really agree to leave “Here everything begins” to live this unusual adventure?

One thing is certain, this announcement raises many questions. In effect, if Théo Teyssier leaves the restaurant of the Auguste Armand institute that means that he could indeed leave the daily on TF1. A revelation for the faithful of the soap opera, who have known this character since the launch of “Here everything begins”.

As a reminder, “It all starts here” is a spin-off from Tomorrow belongs to us. The latter is TF1’s flagship series which depicts the life of the inhabitants of Sète. “Here everything begins” takes place in the Camargue, in a prestigious institute of gastronomy.

An iconic character in “Here it all begins”

Théo Teyssier is an iconic character from “It all begins here”. He marked the fans with his strong character, his charisma and his humor. He was also at the heart of several thrilling storylines. We can cite for example his story with Anaïs or his friendship with Maxime Delcourt, the hero of the soap opera. Théo is played by Khaled Alouach, a young actor revealed by the film La Vie scolaire in 2019. He also played in the series Les Sauvages, Validé or Mixte.

The departure of Théo Teyssier would therefore be a blow for “Here everything begins”, which would lose one of its pillars. But nothing is confirmed yet. Maybe Theo will change his mind or his trip will only be temporary. Perhaps also that his departure will be an opportunity to introduce new characters and new plots. Anyway, fans of “Here it all begins” can be reassured: the series continues to be a hit on TF1, with rising audiences and twists galore. To find out what the future holds for Théo Teyssier, see you every evening at 6:30 p.m. on TF1.

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