instantly copy these trends that are all the rage right now!

instantly copy these trends that are all the rage right now!

You could never have enough inspiration for your next manicure, right? And the options are even more numerous and tempting when it comes to summer trends! Looking for your rare pearl that will fantastically flatter your hands during the remaining days of the coolest season of the year? In this case, don’t wait any longer to decipher your summer 2023 nail idea among the top designs that are making the buzz right now! Here they are !

Find your favorite summer 2023 nail idea among these strong trends of the current season

idee ongle ete 2023 french manicure in fuschia pink color bracelet gold tattoo

Summer 2023 nail idea: what are the latest trends to copy?

In case you have not yet chosen your future nail art for this summer, take a look at these key trends that you absolutely must not miss in 2023!

Head for the best solutions to add to your nail art list immediately!

sand legs feet complexion tanned skin silver ring fruit sea orange varnish

Pucci-style nail art

In recent times, after the release of the Barbie movie, there is a crazy interest in the viral Barbiecore trend. This one advocates the stylish doll whose fashion taste is distinguished by vibrant colors and more precisely, shades of pink… In addition, Margot Robbie, one of the stars in the film’s cast, recently paraded in an impressive dress by Emilio Pucci . Its colorful iconic prints depicting a swirling mix of abstract lines, shapes and colors. The Pucci-style manicure is thus a must in the latest nail art trends.

Pucci patterns are one of the key trends of the moment

nail art colors short nails pastel varnish prints pucci


blue nails

Who says summer, says blue color on the horizon! One of the star colors of the summer season slips naturally onto our hands to give them a 100% harmonious look of nature. From dark blue to light blue through the shade of turquoise, we have the possibility to experiment with any shade of blue, without limits. In addition to the uniform design, blue is easily seen integrated into various variations of seasonal nail art.

We totally fell in love with this design, how about you?

long nails french manicure design mermaid ombre white blue degrade


French manicure in color

It’s been a few seasons since the French manicure has been completely modernized by undergoing a colorful makeover. And with the latest events on the fashion catwalk, this trend continues to be super popular. Whether in rainbow, gradient, pastel or double diagonal line versions, the colored French manicure is the perfect solution for fresh and stylish summer nails.

Nothing beats an overhauled classic

manicure long french nails in rainbow color monstera leaf


The neon varnish combo with metallic accents

Earlier this year, the editorial team shared an article entirely devoted to spring 2023 nails à la Hailey Bieber. Thus, we understood that the neon shades and yellow, in particular, will dictate the tone for the months to come. Currently, this trend continues its course. So, now, it’s the neon green shade that takes over. Indeed, not long ago, Hailey’s nail expert shared an awesome design that features a dramatic mix of neon green polish with metallic accents. An unexpected duo that we can’t wait to succumb to this summer.

We combine two trends to obtain a WOW rendering

hailey bieber long nail polish neon green ring tattoo fingers woman


Glitter varnish

The Little Mermaid, Barbie – with the focus on the most girly and colorful trends this summer, no one will be surprised by the news that glitter nail polish is emerging as another major trend. By the way, this is one of the easiest variants for a high impact manicure achieved with minimal effort! Generally, you can opt for any base color and put the glamorous touch on your hands with a glittery top coat. On the other hand, if you prefer more classic and stylish designs, a milky white manicure will do the trick. Just pimp it gently with a layer of glitter varnish and you’re done!

A touch of glitter even on the most minimalist nails of the season

milky white white nail polish long glitter nails glitter nail polish


Mermaid effect nails

This spring-summer was marked by the release of another long-awaited film, notably The Little Mermaid. With its arrival on the big screen, the obsession with “mermaidcore” was not long in coming. Thus, in the fashion universe, we succumb to the trend inspired by the mysterious world of mermaids. In nail art, in particular, mermaid effect nails are among the top choices for this summer. Incredibly suitable for lazy days on the beach as well as little getaways throughout the warm season, themed nail art is a trend to sting right away!

Mermaid inspiration on our summer 2023 nails

nail summer 2023 pinterest mermaid effect colors trends blue


A trend that comes in many spectacular forms

trendy gel nails 2023 chrome metallic effect finish beads rhinestones embellishments


gel nail color summer blue varnish rings pearls handle


nail art embellishments starfish gold accents woman fingers


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