Guide to the most technological hair dryers on the market

Guide to the most technological hair dryers on the market

The world of beauty and cosmetics is no exception when it comes to technological innovation. Hair dryers, for example, have come a long way since their earliest versions. Today we’re going to look at five of the most technologically advanced hair dryers on the market: Airtecho, Dyson Supersonic, Gama IQ Perfetto, T3 Cura Luxe and Harry Josh Ultra Light.


First on our list, the Airtecho stands out for its exceptional performance and excellent value for money (1). The French brand hair dryer scored an impressive 9.6/10 based on 865 votes. Its powerful 120,000 rpm motor and 60 m/s airflow allow it to cut drying time in half. Intelligent temperature control, which monitors airflow temperature 58 times per second, ensures hair is protected against thermal damage (2). The only drawback ? It is often sold out due to high demand.

According to fashion blogger Laura of Fashion Corner, “The Airtecho is a game changer. Not only does it cut my drying time by more than half, but my hair is also softer and shinier than before. I also appreciate that it is so light and quiet. »

Dyson Supersonic

The Dyson Supersonic has been a user favorite since its launch in 2016 thanks to its revolutionary technology (3). Although it has some impressive features, like good temperature control and a nice selection of styling tools, it’s heavy (816g) and quite loud with a noise level of 74db. Despite a respectable overall score of 8.9/10, its high price puts it second on our list.

For blogger Sarah of Style Avenue, “The Dyson Supersonic is one of the best hair dryers I’ve ever used. It’s fast, quiet and leaves my hair soft and shiny. It’s an investment, but it’s worth it. »

Gama IQ Perfetto

The Gama IQ Perfetto stands out for its light weight. With a score of 9.6/10, it offers good temperature control and three styling tools (4). However, it is noisy (78db), does not have negative ion technology and its price is quite high. Its lack of a deferred termination system also leaves doubts about its long-term sustainability.

According to Anna from Beauty Blog, “The Gama IQ Perfetto is a fantastic styling tool. It’s light and easy to use, and the temperature control is a bonus. However, the lack of negative ion technology is disappointing, especially for the price. »

T3 Cura Luxury

The T3 Cura Luxe is another hair dryer that has been making a lot of noise lately. It features negative ion technology and offers 10 heat and speed settings (5). However, it’s heavy (500g), noisy (74db), and doesn’t come with a diffuser or temperature control. In addition, it is one of the most expensive models and does not have a delayed shutdown system, which raises questions about its durability.

According to fashion blogger Samantha of Chic Trends, “The T3 Cura Luxe is a good hair dryer, but there are better and more affordable alternatives. It does a good job, but lacks some key features like temperature control. »

Harry Josh Ultra Light

Finally, the Harry Josh Ultra Light offers 12 heat and speed settings and a decent airflow of 42 m/s (6). However, it is heavy (526g), does not come with a diffuser and does not have a delayed shut-off system. Its high price also brings down its overall score to 7.4/10.

According to fashion blogger Julie of Style Spot, “The Harry Josh Ultra Light is an ok hair dryer. The different settings are nice, but the lack of a diffuser and the higher weight can be a drag, especially considering its high price. »

Comparative table of the most technological hair dryers

Brand / Model Price General note Weight Airflow (m/s) Noise level (db) Temperature Control
Airtecho-En €199 9.6/10 358g 60 54 Yes
Dyson Supersonic €519 8.9/10 816g 50 74 Yes
Gama IQ Perfetto €329 9.6/10 358g N / A 78 Yes
T3 Cura Luxe £279 9.6/10 500g N / A 74 No
Harry Josh Ultra Light £429 9.6/10 526g 42 83 No


All hair dryers on this list have their strengths and weaknesses. Whether you favor lightness, temperature control, price, or negative ion technology, the market offers a variety of high-tech models to choose from. Just find the one that best suits your specific needs.

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