Everything We Know About Arizona’s New Mattel Adventure Park

Everything We Know About Arizona's New Mattel Adventure Park

Come on Barbie, let’s go party! Who isn’t singing that catchy song lately? After the release of the wildly popular Barbie film, many moviegoers have found themselves in full Barbiecore mode—decked out in bedazzled style and ready to feel empowered. For those seeking to carry forward all that positive momentum from the recent box office smash—or perhaps just seeking their own Barbie Land—get ready for the ultimate themed vacation when Mattel Adventure Park opens in Glendale, Arizona next year. Can you possibly contain your excitement? For fans of the brilliant Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, and wildly imaginative Greta Gerwig, it’s time to don your most pretty-in-pink outfit, because this iconic toy brands upcoming theme park is bound to be a fantastic thrill.

Mattel Adventure Park will feature plenty of adventures for all ages—so bring the whole family. As theme parks go, this one promises to have plenty of exciting rides to rival other classic amusement parks. If you spent your childhood setting up elaborate orange racetracks and racing your Hot Wheels, then it’s time to relive your youth here, where guests will be able to get behind the wheel of a Hot Wheels go-kart (and who doesn’t like whipping around a track on a go-kart?).

And after spending time driving speedily in an oversized Hot Wheels go-kart, why not trade in your wheels for some adorable train tracks? Toddlers and train fans everywhere will enjoy the Thomas & Friends indoor theme park, which promises to feature a treasure hunt. And who doesn’t feel just a little bit happy hearing that Thomas the Tank Engine whistle?

Get ready for an adventure with Barbie and friends.
Credit: Sandra Gabriel, Unsplash

Get ready for an adventure with Barbie and friends.

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Of course, this theme park doesn’t just have to be a place for parents and their children. Why not make a road trip out of it with all your Barbie-obsessed friends? With plenty of ways to relive the classic Mattel toy brand on the action-packed adventure rides, guests can enjoy a restful break by sipping on a wide array of signature pink beverages atop the rooftop of The Barbie Beach House, which features fantastic views of the park. Just make sure you enjoy that pink drink after riding the double-looping launch coaster, which, according to the press release, is “designed for speed.” There is also a flying theater adventure that promises guests a unique experience.

Mattel’s flagship attraction is bound to be iconic. The Barbie Beach House will have the Dream Closet Experience, a fun hologram where Barbie seemingly comes to life so she can help guests “curate the ultimate wardrobe”. There will also be a nine-hole miniature golf experience, where guests face challenging Mattel toy obstacles while trying to get a hole-in-one. And for those who enjoy card games, there promises to be the game UNO—but this time, as a gigantic climbing structure where kids of all ages can climb the huge UNO cards in an effort to make it to the top.

And for devoted Masters of the Universe fans (are there any other kind?), get ready for a truly wild game of laser tag in a 4,500 sq. ft. arena, which will all be part of Castle Grayskull’s adventurous experience. And hey, no pressure, but the power of the Universe quite literally hangs in the balance.


A thrilling roller coaster ride.

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While this is Mattel’s first theme park, it’s not entirely surprising they have decided to branch out this way. Mattel is considered one of the leading toy brands in the world and includes many iconic toys that adults remember fondly from their childhoods and that kids are still discovering and playing with today. The company, founded in 1945, has plenty of delightful core memories to activate when putting together what promises to be a fun-filled, exciting theme park.

Of course, one important thing to keep in mind is that this is being built in Arizona. It’s no secret that Arizona gets hot. Very hot. In fact, Phoenix, Arizona, just reached a record 31 straight days with 110-degree temperatures. It’s enough to give anyone pause when planning a trip. Yet the adventure park promises to keep guests cool. According to the press release, there will be “acres of air-conditioned space.” So don’t let the heat deter your fun—once inside the park, there will be plenty of opportunities to cool down from that infamous Arizona heat and stay comfortable.

Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.

Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.

Guests should be sure to give themselves a few extra days to explore the surrounding areas. Glendale, Arizona, is just a 2-hour drive from Sedona, Arizona, where there are plenty of places to eat, an ideal travel destination that features stunning views and memorable hiking opportunities. And while it’s a bit further to the Grand Canyon—around a 4-hour drive—there are few places on earth as worth a mere 4 hours in a cramped car for such awesome beauty as the Grand Canyon. And there are plenty of fun activities in Glendale as well, with miles of biking trails and the beloved Sahuaro Ranch Park. With a thriving nightlife scene and plenty of restaurants and cafés to explore, guests at the upcoming Mattel Adventure Park—whether they be families or road-trippin’ friends—are sure to have a fantastic time, signature pink drinks, and all.

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