15 Plant-Based Summer Brunch Recipes

15 Plant-Based Summer Brunch Recipes

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one green planet

Whether you’re waking up late or you just don’t feel like eating breakfast in the morning, having brunch is never a bad idea. You can satiate your lunch and breakfast cravings in one meal, and eat some delicious, filling, and nutritious dishes. Here are some of our favorite brunch recipes for the Summer season. Enjoy!

1. Cheesy Tofu Scramble Crescent Rolls

Cheesy Tofu Scramble Crescent Rolls

Source: Cheesy Tofu Scramble Crescent Rolls

The comforting smell of these freshly baked Cheesy Tofu Scramble Crescent Rolls by OGP late on a Sunday morning. These rolls and a warm cuppa coffee or tea are all you need for a lovely, easy morning.

2. Garlicky Cheddar Biscuits With Sausage Gravy

Garlicky Cheddar Biscuits With Sausage Gravy

Source: Garlicky Cheddar Biscuits With Sausage Gravy

Vegan diner dishes, and aren’t we blessed to have so many vegan diners popping up all over the United States? Gravy is the star of this dish, no matter how good the biscuits are, but this recipe has a biscuit that complements the gravy just as much as the gravy complements the biscuit. What’s even better is that you can serve these Garlicky Cheddar Biscuits With Sausage Gravy by Dustin Harder by themselves because they are jam-packed full of flavor!

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3. Sun-Dried Tomato Olive and Veggie Quiche

Sun-Dried Tomato Olive and Veggie Quiche

Source: Sun-Dried Tomato Olive and Veggie Quiche

If your brunch has been missing a special something, look no further than this Sun-Dried Tomato Olive and Veggie Quiche by Logan Dunn & Lexus Osman. Fragrant spices, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, and an assortment of fresh veggies make this dish unforgettable.

4. Avocado Rose Toast

avocado toast

Source: Avocado Rose Toast

Some say avocado toast is #basic, but it doesn’t have to be! Up your brunch game and impress your friends and followers with this Avocado Rose Toast by OGP. Add a few fresh flowers on top for the perfect aesthetic.

Excerpted from The Unofficial TikTok Cookbook by Valentina Mussi. Copyright © 2021 by The Sweetportfolio Company, Inc. Photography by Harper Point Photography. Used with permission of the publisher, Adams Media, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, Inc. All rights reserved.

5. Marinated Tomato Mushroom Bagels

Marinated Tomato Mushroom Bagels

Source: Marinated Tomato Mushroom Bagels

These Marinated Tomato Mushroom Bagels by The Rose and Bean consist of loads of tomato-y flavor, marinated mushrooms, and a hint of smokiness with a touch of sweetness. The longer you have time to leave the veggies to marinate, the better. They’ll become even more flavorful the longer they’re left. This dish is a real showstopper if you’re having friends or family around for brunch and makes for a delicious start to the day.

6. Vegan Quiche Lorraine

Vegan Quiche Lorraine

Source: Vegan Quiche Lorraine

This Vegan Quiche Lorraine by Lena Novak is made of flavorful tofu filling, tempeh bacon bits, topped with cauliflower, and drizzled with zesty cashew cream. It is soft and creamy with a crunchy gluten-free crust that will melt in your mouth.

7. Blueberry Scones

Blueberry Scones

Source: Blueberry Scones

Only one bowl and 8 simple ingredients are needed to make these healthy Blueberry Scones by Hayley Canning. Filled with blueberries, they are ready in only 30 minutes! This recipe is something you can make early in the week, to have to snack on. Or it is a great recipe to make for friends coming over for brunch or your family at breakfast.

8. Peanut Butter Waffle Sandwich

Peanut Butter Waffle Sandwich

Source: Peanut Butter Waffle Sandwich

A great low-carb breakfast or brunch that will keep you full due to the combination of fat and protein. And this Peanut Butter Waffle Sandwich by Vicky Coates is so delicious!

9. Dark Cherry Smoothie Bowl

Dark Cherry Smoothie Bowl

Source: Dark Cherry Smoothie Bowl

This Dark Cherry Smoothie Bowl by Kennedy Kitchings is so simple and so satisfying!

10. Smoky Tempeh Scramble

Smoky Tempeh Scramble

Source: Smoky Tempeh Scramble

This Smoky Tempeh Scramble by Zuzana Fajkusova and Nikki Lefler is an easy-to-prepare savory morning meal full of protein and veggies that could easily pass as lunch or dinner. Tempeh is a fantastic plant-based source of easy-to-digest protein that has a delicious nutty flavor and satisfying taste. It’s also very high in magnesium and is known to reduce cholesterol, increase bone density, and promote muscle recovery. The natural smoky flavor in this recipe comes from smoked paprika. If you don’t have this spice on hand, don’t stress it. Simply replace it with whatever spice you like – coriander, cumin, or sumac are all great options. Now let’s get cooking…

11. Frittatas


Source: Frittata

To make this magical eggless batter, you simply need chickpea flour, nutritional yeast, ground flax seeds, salt, and water, and that’s it. If you don’t have some of these items at home, you can easily find them at your local grocery store or online. Within minutes, these simple ingredients transform into a rich and flavorful egg-like frittata without any eggs! This Frittata by Adam Merrin and Ryan Alvarez is spectacular!

12. Italian Fried Potatoes With Peppers

Italian Fried Potatoes With Peppers

Source: Italian Fried Potatoes With Peppers

These Italian Fried Potatoes With Peppers by Pavani Nandula is a simple, delicious, and easy-to-make dish.

13. French Toast Bread

French Toast Bread

Source: French Toast Bread

Does this recipe even need an explanation? This recipe is effortless, doesn’t require vegan eggs, has minimal ingredients, low sugar in the bread itself, you can cut the sugar content by opting out of either topping, takes minimal time, and tastes like french toast through and through! If you’re craving modern vegan breakfast or brunch sweets, you have to try this French Toast Bread by Gabrielle St. Claire.

14. Spinach and Soufflé Artichoke

Spinach and Artichoke Puffed (Vegan)

Source: Spinach and Artichoke Soufflé

This recipe isn’t exactly like a traditional egg-based soufflé, but that’s what makes it so great! Piping hot clouds of “cheesy” tofu and veggies are enclosed in a tender, flaky crust … this Spinach and Artichoke Soufflé by Jennifer Rose Rossano needs to make an appearance on your table! If you’re running low on time or energy, feel free to use ready-made pie crusts as a shortcut.

15. Vegan Lemon Banana Ricotta Pancakes With Dried Blueberry Compote

Vegan Lemon Banana Ricotta Pancakes With Dried Blueberry Compote (Gluten-Free)

Source: Vegan Lemon Banana Ricotta Pancakes With Dried Blueberry Compote

Lemon and ricotta… and blueberries, what a classic combo. You won’t want to miss these Vegan Lemon Banana Ricotta Pancakes With Dried Blueberry Compote by Alison Marras.

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